6 months on the market

What happened so far ...
Exactly 6 months ago today - on Friday, March 22nd, 2019 we launched our Lini's Bites!
As you can imagine, this was a very exciting day for us.
We had already started pre-sales a few weeks earlier and had already received a number of orders. However, we knew the majority of those we ordered and so we were always very happy when a name that was unknown to us was there.
It got even more exciting when the first of you got your Lini's Bites boxes and we were suddenly overwhelmed with positive feedback.

Kundenfeedback Lini's Bites Riegel

Until today we are happy about every single link, every message and every feedback !!

25. March 2019
Mondays, so we went to visit some organic shops in Munich to present our bars there. Our first point of contact was the organic chain 'Bio-Basic'. There we went straight to the store manager. At first he was a little skeptical, because he already had the whole shelf full of bars. Nevertheless, he tried and was immediately enthusiastic.
However, we were immediately brought back to the bottom of the facts: A listing in the organic supermarket is not as easy as we had imagined.
The large organic supermarket chains such as Alnatura, Denn's and Bio Basic are all centrally controlled. That means there is a uniform range that is prescribed for every market. So the plan to convince the store manager of our bars has become superfluous.
So we first stuck to the independent organic markets. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of them in Munich. But we tried our luck anyway. Lo and behold, the owner of the organic market 'Bioparadies' in Munich, a small organic market in the Englischer Garten, we were immediately able to convince of our bars.
Gründerin mit LinisBites Lieferung
LinisBites Gründerinnen

What else happened?

As a fresh start-up, it always remains exciting. No day is like the other. Every day you feel confronted with a new challenge. For example, after the launch, we found out that our packaging text had some errors. For example, we have called our bars 'vegan chocolate & nut bars', an English term that unfortunately cannot be used on packaging in Germany. Unfortunately, at this point in time we had already had 40,000 packages printed and so we had to stick a small sticker over every single bar.

vegan, glutenfrei, Riegel, natürliche Zutaten In summary ...

So ​​in the first 6 months we not only sold a lot of bars (in total there were over 60,000 bars in the last six months) and of course ate, but also visited our first trade fair, as well as our first organizes our own event and we look forward to being mentioned in one or the other magazine. Above all, however, we have met really, really great people in the last 6 months, learned something new every day and are now a little smarter after one or the other mistake.
LinisBites Gründerinnen auf Messe
Lini's Bites Riegel als perfekter Snack für unterwegs
We ❤ Lini's Bites
And yeah, we still love our Lini's Bites just as much as we did in the beginning and we can never get enough of them !!
We are looking forward to another 6 months and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for the great support !! ❤
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