Gründerinnen von LinisBites

From the idea to the finished product - storytime

In spring 2018 the idea was clear: We will produce our own bites. And no longer just in your own kitchen.

Easier said than done: We faced months of work and planning - fear, excitement, motivation and stress are emotions that describe it quite well.

Finding a factory that would manufacture our bites according to our ideas was a big challenge for us.

After an intensive search, we found a small family business. We immediately had a "line" with the owners. They understood our visions, goals and requirements for the product. Compromising was never an option, neither for them nor for us.

Nevertheless, there was still a lot to do and clarify before we could actually produce our bar. So the recipe had to be changed so that the bars can also be produced for larger quantities. Of course, there is a huge difference between making 30 bars in the kitchen at home or making 2000 pieces at the same time.

But this hurdle could of course also be overcome. We were lucky because the recipe only had to be changed minimally.

Shortly after the recipe was finalized, we learned that the chocolate manufacturer of our original couverture was discontinuing production. After almost two months of intensive search, which of course made us lag behind, we actually found a replacement from Switzerland. This is now even darker than the previous one and, with 88% cocoa, forms the perfect complement to the sweet filling.

But it didn't stop with the recipe alone: ​​Packaging, packaging design, display boxes, organic certifications are all important points that, in addition to distribution channels, marketing strategies, etc., have to be dealt with intensively.

Sometimes we were highly motivated and full of ideas and everything went like clockwork. But there were also a few days when we wanted to bury our heads in the sand, because one problem followed the next.

This could be quite a drag alongside our job, but the vision of our own bolt never let us go. The ups & downs were definitely worth it, because on March 1st a truck will arrive with our first batch of Lini’s Bites.

You can probably guess how excited we are. But we can't really realize it yet ...


Gründerinnen von LinisBites

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