10 questions for food and fashion blogger Carina Jung from Mannheim. Carina studies fashion, currently lives in London and has a passion for yoga, healthy food and natural cosmetics. On her Instagram account you can find a lot of pictures from the fields of fashion, food and architecture that invite you to dream. At the same time, Carina inspires her followers to lead a healthier and more positive lifestyle with her honest manner.

On the subject of nutrition: you eat gluten-free and vegan. How did that happen?

I noticed at the age of 12 that eating meat wasn't good for me. Then, thanks to Instagram, I slowly moved from vegetarian to clean eating. This means I've tried to include as many whole foods as possible in my diet from then on. A vegan cookbook was the reason that I v or about 5 years then gradually I switched to a vegan diet. I had largely excluded gluten and dairy products beforehand, as they are not exactly good for my sensitive system. An allergy specialist confirmed this to me later.

How has your health changed since then?

Since then I have largely managed to get my eczema under control, to stabilize my sensitive stomach and to be 90 percent symptom-free, so no more regular abdominal pain and less susceptibility to stomach infections. In addition, I have experienced a shift in my being through my diet, which is very fruit and vegetable. That said, my diet brought me closer to yoga, spirituality, and myself.

What tip would you give someone , who has no idea about healthy eating ?

Start small and simply swap out one meal of the day for a healthier option. The easiest are the breakfast options. A smoothie, a smoothie bowl or a traditional porridge / muesli are perfect meals to start the day healthy. You only need fruit, vegetables, gluten-free oatmeal and plant-based milk (coconut, rice, almond, or oats). Also, I can only recommend replacing your snacks with healthier, more nutritious options. Chocolate sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, energy bar with dates and Lini’s Bites.

Your ultimate beauty tip for beautiful skin?

I only discovered it recently. I can only recommend everyone to start the day with 500ml of fresh celery juice. Celery Juice has helped my skin a lot and also has other wonderful benefits. You can find detailed information on this at Medical Medium. It is also very good to let the skin breathe and to use only natural beauty products. For more information, please visit my blog and Instagram (@ bycarinajung ).

What should definitely not be missing in your kitchen?

Blender, sweet potato and banana. I would like to mention more here.

What inspires you?

I love audio books from the category novels, nutrition, up to spiritual topics for personal development. I also love , to look at pictures in magazines, on blogs or on Instagram. I also really enjoy listening to podcasts. They always make me think. My favorite German podcast is Laura Seiler's. It's called Happy, Holy & Confident.

Your favorite food?

Banana ice cream with granola and nut butter

First thing you do when you get up?

First, I practice oil pulling with coconut oil to flush out bacteria and keep my teeth nice and white. Then I drink celery juice, lemon water, and tea. Breakfast will follow later.

Your favorite snack?

My favorite snack is anything with chocolate or just Medjool dates and Lini's bites, after all, they contain both chocolate and dates.

vegane, glutenfreie Snacks What motivates you?

To feel w ohl, to heal myself, to be able to do yoga, as well as a lot of clarity through Getting my nutrition , that motivates me.

Thank you dear Carina for this inspiring interview!


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