Our story


healthy connoisseur and passionate hobby baker.
While most of the children spent their time in the playroom, in nature or in the reading corner, even as a little girl I felt at home in a completely different place: in the kitchen.

Zwei Kinder lachend in der Küche

For many years, baking was easy for me: I had my ingredients in my head, my devices ready for use, my work steps in my head. However, this changed suddenly when I, my little sister and my father were diagnosed with gluten and lactose intolerance. Suddenly I could no longer use my old recipes in their original form. Give up baking? Unthinkable for me. So I looked for alternatives, started experimenting, replacing conventional ingredients with healthy alternatives.

Zwei Kinder lachend am backen

It quickly became apparent that baking without gluten, lactose and refined sugar is easier than expected. Where I once used butter, I use coconut oil today. The wheat flour is replaced by oat flakes and refined sugar is replaced with dates or coconut blossom sugar.

Drei Kinder in der Küche am backen

Thanks to my enthusiasm for nutrition, I plunged deeper and deeper into the diverse world of healthy foods and discovered many other ingredients for myself that I soon couldn't do without. After a long research, I found a way to produce healthy creations that taste anything but typically “healthy”.

Drei Kinder in der Küche am backen
As usual, I initially baked my healthy creations exclusively for friends and family. Many of them have nothing to do with a healthy diet, others place great emphasis on foods with high quality ingredients; but they were all big fans of my baking creations. So did my friend Mona. She was immediately enthusiastic, finally she had found a way to snack without a guilty conscience, and so my sweets found a permanent place in her stressful everyday work. The healthy snacks were extremely well received by the family as well as among our friends and colleagues. We quickly became a culinary highlight at private events, baking for weddings, birthdays and company anniversaries. Our small, tasty bites were soon on everyone's lips.
Linis Bites Gründerinnen Eileen und Mona
We developed our logo, worked on our website and showed our progress on Instagram. Companies, cafés and the press soon became aware of us. Overwhelmed by the widespread interest, we further developed our recipe and created more varieties of our Lini's Bites. The demand increased and the capacity of our Munich kitchen was fully utilized. So we dared to take the next big step:


Zeitungsartikel über die LinisBites
A month-long research marathon began, which was marked by severe setbacks, despair and sleepless nights ‘The product is far too complicated,’ said some. "This complex recipe could not be produced by machine," replied the others. "Look for cheaper and easily available ingredients," advised many. However, making compromises in taste or in the recipe was unthinkable for us from the start. And so the search went on. Many unsuccessful months passed before we finally found what we were looking for. A small family business that still works by hand promised us to make our snack exactly according to our ideas and wishes.
Linis Bites Riegel Inneres
The fine-tuning could now begin. In close cooperation with our production facility, the search for partners, ingredients, packaging material, sales channels began: one challenge followed the next. Our high quality standards didn't make our work any easier. But giving up wasn't an option for us. After countless setbacks, endless research and countless unsuccessful attempts later, we proudly announce: The work was worth it!


Linis Bites Gründerin Eileen in der Küche