Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic
Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread - Organic

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Coconut Mylk Chocolate

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Whether on bread, in porridge, on waffles, in crepes or simply spooned on it, the possibilities are endless. But one thing is certain: with the Lini's Bites Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread , every day will be a good day! 🍞🥣🧇

Our vegan nut nougat cream scores not only with its nutty-chocolate taste and wonderfully creamy consistency, but also with its ingredients, because it consists of only 3 natural ingredients in organic quality and is included Their high hazelnut content of 45% , the indescribably intense cocoa and the sweet coconut blossom sugar are the perfect vegan alternative to the classic chocolate spread!

The Lini’s Bites Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread is organic, vegan, gluten-free, contains no palm oil and does not contain any refined sugar or additives!

So use the spoon! 🥄😇

The Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread also tastes really good with our juicy banana bread ! 🤫


Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. If the consistency of the nut nougat cream is too firm despite being stored at room temperature, the glass can be briefly held under hot water or heated in the microwave at a low temperature.

💡 Tip:

Your Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread is almost empty and you still want to get everything out of the vegan nut nougat cream? How about some super delicious hot chocolate?

Simply warm up about 200ml of your favorite plant-based drink and add it to the glass with the rest of the Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread. In this way, not only do the leftovers at the edges dissolve completely in the plant drink and the glass is almost clean, but you also have a fine drink that warms you from the inside and ensures moments of well-being. 🤤


If your Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread shows a white layer when you open the jar, then it is crystallized coconut blossom sugar.

Many manufacturers use emulsifiers to prevent ingredients from separating over time and, for example, oil or, in this case, sugar from settling on the surface. However, since we do not use any emulsifiers in our products, it can happen that temperature differences (e.g. during storage or during transport) facilitate the separation of the ingredients and thus a crystalline layer of coconut blossom sugar is formed. However, if the Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread is well mixed and, if necessary, gently heated, it regains its homogeneous consistency and the white dots dissolve.

Nutritional information per: 100 g /

Energy kJ: 2043 /

Energy kCal: 488 /

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of which saturated fatty acids: 3.34 g /

Carbohydrates: /

of which sugar: 38.5 g /

Dietary fiber: 4.5 g /

Protein: 8.84 g /

Salt: 0.01 g /

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews

Love the spread so much. I have already eaten 10 glasses 👌

Suuuuuper delicious!

So delicious, creamy and simply the perfect substitute!

Stefanie Lucillo
Chocolate Spread

Taste is super delicious, just a little hard to spread

Elena Bayer
very tasty and versatile

Whether straight from the glass, in porridge or in biscuits, the Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Spread always tastes good, even for those who normally do not pay attention to not using white sugar :)
I am very satisfied with the end result and if the guests like it, it is all the better

Chocolate Cream

The cream is that best thing I've ever eaten, just fantastic